A Chinese male wound adult with dual vast “play” triangles shaved into his new hairdo after seeking his hairstylist to use a paused video on his phone as impulse for a haircut.

It’s not odd for people to uncover their coiffeur photos of haircuts they’d like to try, though one male in China done a mistake of regulating a paused video on his phone as impulse for his hairdo, and a detail-oriented hairstylist finished adult incorporating a “play” pitch into a haircut as well. To be fair, a video had been paused during only a right impulse and a vast triangular idol on a shade looked like it was indeed partial of a hairdo. What are a contingency of that happening, we wonder?

According to a Weibo post published by Chinese party blogger ‘Tian Xiu Bot’ final month, a unnamed conform plant was browsing on his phone while watchful to get a haircut during a hair salon. He was examination a video when he speckled one of a models on shade sporting a many extraordinary hairdo and fast paused a footage to uncover a beautician a still image.

The male didn’t compensate most courtesy to a “play” idol that popped adult on his phone when he paused a video, though a hairstylist unequivocally did. It somehow aligned ideally with a man’s embellished hairstyle, so he asked a customer if he wanted a triangle kept in as well. Excited about his last-minute find, a male didn’t consider unequivocally consider about a doubt and simply answered ‘yes’.

The paused video still

 Tian Xiu Bot also uploaded a brief video of a unnamed male sporting a “play” icons shaved into his new hairdo and strutting proudly around a salon. Despite a unintended blunder, he seemed gratified with his new look, and people commenting on Chinese amicable media seemed to determine that it was a good look.

“This is a new trending haircut,” one chairman wrote.

“Actually, that is a rather large look. It could be a new trending haircut,” someone else posted.


Tian Xiu Bot’s Weibo post and a concomitant video went viral on Chinese amicable media, getting nearly 20,000 comments and over 78,000 likes. It was common some-more than 22,000 times and even picked adult by vital news outlets like China Daily.