An Egyptian male operative as a hotel receptionist in Saudi Arabia was recently arrested after posting a brief video of himself carrying breakfast with a fully-veiled womanlike co-worker on amicable media.

The man, famous usually as “Bahaa”, was arrested on Sunday after a video of himself carrying breakfast with a womanlike co-worker during a Jeddah hotel captivated a lot of neglected courtesy on amicable media. The brief shave shows usually Bahaa and a fully-veiled lady eating breakfast, though that was apparently a transparent violations of a Saudi law that states that workplaces and eateries should have apart spaces for group and women. It drew defamation from a immeasurable infancy of Saudis, who saw this function as disdainful with Saudi culture.

Photo: video screengrab

“The supervision should prosecute those who brave to disregard Saudi laws and systems, crush a picture of a regressive society, and foster dignified plunge with a strictest punishment…” one Twitter user commented.

Others pronounced that a lady should be punished as well, as she also participated in this “farce”.

“I need to know because group are constantly punished and not women,” a Saudi lady wrote. “I am a Saudi and we swear we wish them to retaliate her with him. Laughter, eating during a workplace… where are your limits?”

After a conflict on his initial video, Bahaa posted a second one in that he describes people’s greeting as exaggerated, deliberation that he was usually carrying breakfast with a co-worker. Well, he’ll be carrying breakfast in jail for a while, as authorities had him arrested for posting an “offensive” video on amicable media. He will many expected get deported for his mistake.

The hotel owners was also summoned for explanations, privately because he unsuccessful to belong to regulations associated to women’s function in a workplace, and because he had hired an expat to do a pursuit that should have been disdainful to Saudis.

While many Saudis announced themselves angry by Bahaa’s video, there were those who deliberate his detain and people’s reactions outrageous.

“If we are a ruler and dedicate adultery on air, we will urge for your [divine] guidance. But if we are an Egyptian migrant worker, eating fries with your womanlike colleague?? Straight to prison, we infidel!” one Twitter user said.

“Fake religiosity: when we are assertive with a diseased and kindly with a powerful…” another chairman added.

via Middle East Eye