Big sporting events like a World Cup are ostensible to move people together in support of their favorite teams and players, though for one Russian integrate married for 14 years, a 2018 World Cup was reason for divorce.

40-year-old Arsen and his 37-year-old wife, Ludmyla, are both large football fans. In fact, they met in a Chelyabinsk sports bar during a 2002 World Cup, and they connected over their mutual passion for a sport. The fact that they were fans of dual opposition Moscow football clubs, Spartak Moscow and CSKA Moskow, didn’t stop them from removing married, though final week, it was their adore for a dual biggest rivals in complicated football story – Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo – that finished their 14-year marriage.

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Arsen told Russian journal Argumenti i Fakty that he and his mother had mostly teased any other over Messi and Ronaldo, though this latest World Cup was a final straw. After Argentina’s unsatisfactory entrance during a 2018 World Cup, Ludmyla started derisive Messi’s performance, and how he couldn’t play football, though Arsen only abandoned her. However, during Argentina’s compare opposite Nigeria, he only couldn’t reason behind his annoy anymore. He was celebrating Messi’s goal, when his mother started derisive his statue again, and he only snapped.

“This was a final straw for me,” Arsen told a Chelyabinsk compare of Argumenti i Fakty. “From a really commencement of a World Cup, Lyudmila constantly mocked me and my dear player, observant that he played feeble and could not even measure an critical chastisement in a diversion with Iceland. And during a compare with Nigeria we was so disturbed for them [Argentina]. When she once again started vocalization unkindly about Lionel and his performance, we got indignant and, in turn, voiced all we suspicion of her large Ronaldo, a Portuguese inhabitant team, herself and all a other football clubs Lyudmila is crazy about. Then we took all my things and left her for good.”

The really subsequent day, Arsen reportedly went to the Chelyabinsk polite registry and filed for divorce. we theory this is one box where unsuited differences means only that…