Aigali Supugaliev, a 63-year-old male from Kazakhstan, roughly gave his kin a heart conflict when he returned home dual months after they had buried his body. And while stories of people display adult after being reputed passed by their families have done news headlines before, Aigali’s one is quite weird since his genocide had been reliable by a DNA test.

It all started on Jul 9, when Aigali Supugaliev’s kin reported him blank from his encampment of Tomarly, in Kazakhstan. They had no thought that a unwed male had been offering a four-month pursuit on a apart farm, as he had not worried to surprise them about it, so when a decomposed physique was detected nearby his house, everybody feared a worse. The remains was reportedly in such a bad state that Aigali’s family couldn’t brand it by earthy traits, so a DNA exam was commissioned. Believe it or not, a exam showed that there was a 99.29% luck (the top this kind of exam can give) that a detected physique was that of Supugaliev, so an central genocide certificate was issued, and a man’s hermit orderly a funeral.

Photo: qimono/Pixabay

The physique that everybody was assured was Aigali’s was buried in the Zhuldyz district of Atyrau, following a Muslim ceremony, though dual months later, “the passed man” returned.

“When Aigali came home alive and healthy, my daughter Saule, observant her ‘dead’ uncle, roughly collapsed with a heart attack,” Esengali, a man’s brother, told internal reporters. “The DNA research had reliable this was my brother.  We believed a formula and conducted all a wake and commemorative rites. we spent so most income on it. But it is not even about a money. Who have we buried? Maybe his kin are looking for this person.”

Supugaliev’s kin have announced themselves vivacious to have him behind alive and well, though they have not lost about a DNA test, and devise to sue a experts who conducted it.


However, Akmaral Zhubatyrova, who achieved a test, shielded herself observant that one can't rest on a 99.29% luck to endorse a person’s death.

“It is unfit to state unquestionably that this is a physique of a person, relying usually on a formula of a DNA examination,” Zhubatyrova told a media. “We should not forget about a remaining 0.08 per cent.”

It’s misleading how tough it’s going to be for Aigali Supugaliev to legally lapse among a vital – paperwork and all – though in a meantime he was happy to poise with a board that his kin were removing prepared to place on his gravestone.