A Long Island family is fighting for a right to keep their pet Golden Retriever Max, after a lending association threatened to have it repossessed unless they make a substantial final payment.

Danielle Cittadino and her family bought Max from a Shake-A-Paw pet store, in Lynbrook , New York, a integrate of years ago. The darling puppy cost $1,200, though the Cittadinos couldn’t means to compensate all of it upfront, so they were offering a financing choice from a association called Wags Lending. They checked Danielle’s credit and after she was approved, a Baldwin lady had to fill out a garland of paperwork, that she admits she didn’t go by thoroughly. She insincere that she was removing a loan, though in existence a agreement specified that she wasn’t indeed shopping Max, though renting him until she paid all a compulsory installments. Now a association is melancholy to reposes a dog.

Photo: ABC News video screengrab

“I had no thought it was a lease,” Danielle recently told News 12 Long Island. “You know, we hear of financing, it’s a loan.”

Danielle says she done payments of $145.19 a month, on time, for 23 months, though afterwards she schooled that she had to make a final franchise remuneration of $338.07 to finally turn Max owner. She claims she didn’t know about it, and refused to make that final payment, job it a scam. However, Wags Lending reportedly called a Cittadinos to tell them that unless they settle their debt, they will reposes their dog.


The Cittadinos positively venerate Max and cruise him partial of their family, though they exclude to be bullied by a lending company.

“It’s wrong, we can’t slice divided a dog from a family, that’s been a partial of their family for dual and years,” Danielle said. “I’m contemptible though you’re not removing this dog back, nor are we removing this final payment. It’s a scam!”


News 12 Long Island reports that they’ve been removing identical censure from other pet owners per Wags Lending, though according to consumer rights profession Anthony Ballato, it’s all a matter of customer beware.

So a subsequent time we wish to get a dog, be certain to review a agreement delicately and make certain we are indeed shopping it, not leasing it.