Police in Papua’s Jayawijaya district, Indonesia, released a open reparation after a video display an purported burglar being interrogated by confidence army regulating a two-meter live lizard went viral online.

Human rights advocates in Indonesia are condemning a use of a live lizard during a inquire of an purported burglar in Western New Guinea. In a video doing a rounds on amicable media, a barefoot, handcuffed male can be seen squirming as troops officers pull a live lizard in his face and bluster to put in his mouth and in his pants. Later, a reptile is also seen wrapped around a suspect’s neck, as troops try to get a acknowledgment out of him about some stolen phones.

“How many times have we stolen a mobile phone?” a troops officer can be listened cheering during a purported thief, to that a shocked male answers “Only dual times”.

Local troops chief Tonny Ananda Swadaya recently released a open statement, apologizing for a use of a lizard during a interrogation, though also indicating out that a media was creation too large a understanding out of a incident, as a lizard wasn’t poisonous, and a think was never in any genuine danger.

“The lizard was tame and not unwholesome or dangerous, and a occurrence was their possess thought so they could get acknowledgment of shame as discerning as possible,”  Swadaya said. “We will work some-more professionally in a future.”


“We apologize for a incident,” a troops orator told internal reporters. “Institutionally we do not commend such an unsuited process of interrogation, and we pledge that such an evil process will not occur again in a future.”

However, according to tellurian rights lawyer Veronica Koman, a use of live lizard is really common among troops and a troops in Papua. She combined that a lizard was put in a dungeon of one of his clients, a Papuan activist, in January, to dominate him.