A 65-year-old lady from a encampment in India’s West Bengal has allegedly spent each day for a past dual decades submerged adult to her neck in a waters of a circuitously lake, due to an different disease.

Before removing into this bizarre story, we have to divulge a fact that it is unverified. It went viral in Russia (of all places) final month, and I’ve been perplexing to find a convincing source ever since. Unfortunately, I’ve had no luck. Apart from dozens of Russian news sites and a few indeterminate English blogs, we have found no discuss of this lady anywhere. Normally, we wouldn’t even have worried essay about something like this, though what unequivocally intrigued me about this story is that it comes with a video of this lady siting idly in a lake, all by herself, as other people demeanour on from a shore. There’s really a story here, we customarily don’t know if it’s a one I’ve found. So if you’re reading this and can yield any convincing discernment about this news story, I’d adore to hear from you. Anyway, here’s a Russian version:

The 65-year-old lady allegedly lives in an vague encampment in West Bengal, India. Every morning, she gets adult before morning and walks into a circuitously lake where she stays submerged adult to her neck until a object sets. She has been doing this religiously given 1998, when she started pang from a puzzling condition that left her physique delirious and sore. The customarily thing that seemed to soothe a woman’s pain was water, so she started spending her days in a lake tighten to her village, and she’s been doing it for over dual decades now.

Pataruni Gosh (name translated from Russian with Google Translate) reportedly spends between 12 and 14 hours in a lake each day, as she and her family live in a remote area of West Bengal and are too bad to go to a sanatorium for treatment. At nightfall she rises from a H2O and goes home, where she does whatever work she can before going to sleep.


The “Indian mermaid” reportedly cooking customarily a bit of rice and some vegetables all day, as her condition and sedentary lifestyle have influenced her appetite. Her kin customarily take her dish to a lake, and she cooking in a H2O to strengthen her skin from a sun.

Pataruni can’t mount being alone, so members of her family and other villagers frequently come to see her and keep her association from a sure. While her kin have voiced concerns for her good being, they don’t know how else to assistance her.


The fallacious people of Pataruni’s encampment trust that she will one day turn a suggestion of a lake, after spending so most time in it, though her family hopes that they will be means to one day take her to a alloy and heal her of a puzzling disease.

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