William J. Gallagher, a 68-year-old career rapist who had only been expelled from jail after a 20-year sentence, recently attacked a Wisconsin bank, with a solitary purpose of removing arrested and sent behind to prison.

Six months after finishing his 20-year jail judgment during a cage in New Jersey for attempted homicide, Gallagher took an Amtrak sight to Chicago, afterwards another one to Milwaukee, in Winsconsin, where he headed true to a Chase bank with a idea to sack it. But this wasn’t your common bank robbery. Instead of removing as most income as probable and perplexing to shun before a military arrived, Gallagher demanded some $100 bills, afterwards accidentally asked a bank teller to call a police, and simply waited for them to arrive and detain him. His idea was never to shun with a money, though to get sent behind to jail for his crime.

The New York local had spent so most time behind bars that he simply couldn’t adjust to life on a outside, and after remembering that a associate invalid had once told him that prisons in Wisconsin were a best in a United States, he motionless to transport there and dedicate a crime so he could go behind to his aged life.

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“About 48 years ago, I’m sitting with a 72-year-old con, and he had been in only about each jail in a nation and he did dual bids in Wisconsin,” William J. Gallagher said, according to a defence conference transcript. “And he pronounced it was a best food, commissary, this, that, everything.”

Another inducement for Gallagher to get detained in Wisconsin was a good medical inmates here receive, that reportedly rivals a caring offering by a US Department of Veterans Affairs. VA doctors had recently private carcenogenic growths off of his behind and had found 3 other lymph nodes in his stomach and a nodule on his lung. He figured they could be taken caring of in prison.

But it wasn’t only a higher amenities and medical of Wisconsin prisons that done this Vietnam maestro go to such impassioned lengths to get sealed adult again. He had been institutionalized for so prolonged that he simply couldn’t adjust to life on a outside, and he didn’t wish to be a weight for his children either, so he did what he felt he had to do.

“I’m not crazy, your honor,” Gallagher told Judge David Hansher during his hearing. “I’m 68. we only got out. Every day I’m looking during my watch. Oh, they’re in a yard now. … Instead of leaving, perplexing to lead a life out here, I’m meditative about what’s going on where we only left.”

Bewildered by a 68-year-old’s explanation, a decider asked him if he had seen a 1994 film “Shawshank Redemption”, referring privately to a character Brooks Hatlen, a longtime invalid and jail librarian, who took his possess life after being released, since he couldn’t adjust.

“That’s me. The librarian guy,” Gallagher answered. “Institutionalized, couldn’t adjust, all fell apart, he hung himself. I’m not unresolved myself but, we know, that’s it.”

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Even the partner district profession prosecuting Gallagher in this weird case, James Griffin, was repelled by a man’s explanation.

“I’ve never listened anyone sack a bank so they can get to jail so they could get health care,” Griffin said. “It’s a unhappy criticism on a conditions of health caring in America. … That a guy’s got to sack a bank to get health caring is unfortunate, to contend a least.”

William J. Gallagher asked for a 10-year jail sentence, though Judge Hansher motionless not to judgment him only yet. Instead, he asked for a presentence review to be conducted, and scheduled a sentencing conference for Feb 13.

Gallagher’s ask to go to jail for during slightest a decade puts Charles Roozen, his attorney, in a formidable and weird position. Lawyers customarily try to get their clients off a offshoot or during slightest get reduced sentences for them, though during a same time they have to reside by a clients’ wishes too.

“This is a finish conflicting purpose that I’m used to or wish to be in,” Roozen said.

This weird box reminds me of another surreal story we reported a few years back, about a male who attacked a bank and simply waited for a military to detain him, only so he could go to jail and shun his whinging wife.