Real Madrid, one of a world’s many renouned football clubs is now contrast TV urinals in a men’s bathrooms of their stadium, Sandiago Bernabeu, and it’s not a usually one.

One would consider that a government of a Spanish bar is perplexing to make it easy for fans to follow a movement on a margin even when going to a bathroom, though according to several news reports, a screens commissioned in a urinals have zero to do with football and all to do with generating revenue. Apparently, a footage played on these screens will concentration especially on advertising, instead of display a live diversion on a pitch, and there’s a good reason for that – it’s most some-more profitable.

These TV urinals were combined by a Swiss association named Swiss Invent, and have already been commissioned in a VIP toilets of another track in Spain, Butarque. The association assured football bar CD Leganes to implement a 3,000-euro urinals in their bathrooms after presenting systematic justification display that these screens authority a full courtesy of a user for an normal of 30 seconds, that in promotion is about a good as it gets.

Swiss Invent reportedly complicated a matter and found that while peeing, group spend an normal of 30 seconds staring down and not focusing on anything else. This clearly tiny window of time is apparently really profitable if we can find a approach to constraint a courtesy of a urinal user, and these screens do usually that.


The 30 seconds that group spend urinating (on average) are usually adequate for dual or 3 brief commercials played on a urinal screens, though since investigate shows that there are no daze to forestall a user from focusing their courtesy on them, a outcome on a intensity buyers is significant.

These intelligent TV urinals come with a combined reward of permitting roughly 100% H2O saving, though it’s a ad income that has held a eye of several football clubs in Spain. After Leganes and Real Madrid, Betis Sevilla has also showed seductiveness in this technology.