An African flamingo that famously transient Wichita’s Sedgwick County Zoo in 2005 has been on a run ever since. The freedom-loving bird was recently speckled unresolved out with a group of seagulls, in Lavaca Bay, Texas, 700 miles from a zoo it once called home.

The exile bird is famous as ‘No. 492’ because of a series on a cosmetic rope still trustworthy to a leg. Its mythological shun was due to an blunder by zoo staff who suspicion his moody wings hadn’t entirely developed, so they didn’t worry slicing them. One night, a flamingo took advantage of some clever charge winds and transient a zoo before staff even got a possibility to establish a sex. The long-legged bird has been enjoying a leisure ever since, as a zoo never attempted to recapture it. That would be formidable to do anyway, both given sightings of No. 492 have been singular in a final 14 years, and given it was innate in a furious and is heedful of coming humans.

Photo: Texas Parks and Wildlife/Facebook

No. 492 was recently spotted in Lavaca Bay, Texas, final week, by members of a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department crew, who saw it adhering out in a group of seagulls. “I’m no expert, yet I’m flattering certain flamingos aren’t local to Texas,” one organisation member told The New York Times.

The exile flamingo has been a singular steer given it done a mythological escape. A few sighting of it have been available in Wisconsin, Texas and Louisiana, infrequently with a flamingo crony or partner wearing a leg rope reading “HDNT”. we theory flamingo zoo escapees have to hang together.


“It’s a covenant to a affability of these animals,” Sedgwick County Zoo curator of birds, Scott Newland, pronounced about No. 492. But even though, he’s blissful to see a bird thrive, a curator doesn’t unequivocally suffer articulate about it. After all, he was partial of a zoo staff that let it escape.

“It is a black eye, to be honest. It was fundamentally an error. We are not lustful of this story,” he told a Kansas City Star in 2013. “The good thing is that if this is what gets people out examination wildlife, there is no mistreat in that.”


No. 492 is around 22 years old, so he should suffer his leisure for many years to come. According to Newland, flamingos can live to be 50 years old.