The Temple Institute, a eremite classification dedicated to “every aspect of a Holy Temple of Jerusalem”, recently announced a birth of a totally red heifer in a Holy Land – a initial one in a final 2,000 years – that is an essential component of a biblical anticipation that theologians trust will pierce about a second entrance of Jesus and Judgement Day.

According to a Hebrew Bible, a events heading adult to a canon should play out like this: Jews would lapse to Israel after 2,000 years – a Holy Temple would be rebuilt – billions of people would decay during 7 years of healthy disasters – a antichrist would arise and sequence a universe – a conflict of Armageddon would embark somewhere nearby Israel – Jesus would lapse to better Satan’s armies and afterwards regulate over Judgment Day. The Jewish people might have returned to Israel, yet in sequence for this anticipation to pierce forward, a ideally red heifer is needed.

Photo: video screengrab

The red heifer is mentioned in Numbers 19:2: “Speak unto a children of Israel, that they pierce thee a red heifer but spot, wherein is no cut and on that never came a yoke”. And even yet a ideally red heifer is deliberate a biological anomaly, many in Israel and abroad have been operative tough to broach it. Four years ago, we wrote about Clyde Lott, a revivalist reverend from Mississippi, who has been shipping red cows to Israel in a weird try to speed adult a finish of a world. However, conditions for a heifer to be deliberate viable are impossibly strict.

As we wrote in a prior article, for red heifer to be deliberate estimable of biblical status, it “must be wholly of a uniform tone (there are a array of tests by a rabbis to safeguard this), and a hair contingency be positively true (to safeguard that it has not formerly been yoked). To be deemed worthy, a red heifer contingency not have some-more than 3 white or black hairs on a body.”

Well, The Temple Institute recently posted a video of a red heifer on YouTube, claiming that on Aug 28, 2018, “a ideally red heifer was innate in a land of Israel”. The animal has apparently undergone clever hearing by rabbinical experts who have so distant deemed it estimable as a claimant for a red heifer described in a Bible. However that might change as a heifer grows, so it will be monitored closely.


“It will be examined again in 3 months time to establish either it continues to possess a compulsory education for a red heifer, a compulsory exigency for a renovation of a Divine use in a Holy Temple,” a hospital announced. “The rabbinical experts who conducted a hearing highlight that a heifer, while now temperament a compulsory education could, during any time in a future, turn unfit by healthy causes, and therefore a heifer will be intermittently reexamined.”

Rabbi Chain Richman, executive of The Temple Institute, believes a time is developed to build a Third Temple, following a birth of a red heifer, that will pierce about a “the rapture”, where all Christian believers (living and dead) will arise into a sky and join Christ, while non-believers humour everlasting punishment in hell.

Interestingly, The Temple Institute worked closely with Clyde Lott for many decades, so maybe he had a purpose to play in a birth of this singular red heifer.