Eibenthal is an halcyon encampment nestled in a Banatului Mountains of Western Romania. It’s a desirable place inhabited especially by racial Czechs, though what unequivocally creates it mount out from other villages in a area, or flattering many anywhere else in a world, for that matter, is a repute as a theft-free community.

There is no military hire in Eibenthal, and frankly, there’s no need for one either. People in this area of Mehedinti county are famously pacific and deferential of any other, and a crime rate is extremely reduce than a inhabitant average. Theft, for instance is probably non existent, and people are ideally gentle withdrawal income in bags on a streets for a bread smoothness man. He drives by, takes a income and leaves a requested series of bread loaves and a change in a bags unresolved on flare posts or people’s fences. In over 20 years, no one has ever reported any income of bread missing.

Photo: Brakava/Wikimedia Commons

Eibenthal’s repute as a theft-free encampment dates behind to 1996, when locals started unresolved bags and income outward their homes for a bread smoothness man. The usually internal store had sealed down shortly after a 1989 series and people had to constantly watch out for a bread lorry entrance from another encampment 20 kilometers away, any dual days, to make certain they had bread to put on a table. But during one point, someone came adult with a thought of simply withdrawal a income along with a note for a smoothness male on a street. They satisfied that they weren’t going to take from any other anyway, and anyone entrance from a outward with sinful intentions would spend some-more on gas than on a bread income they stole.

“The automobile delivering bread comes any dual days and we buy 4-5 loaves. we put a accurate volume in a bag or we leave a note with how many loaves we wish and a motorist leaves a change,” a 75-year-old Eibenthal proprietor told Euronews. “We’ve never had problems, not during all, I’ve never listened of income or bread disappearing.”

Photo: video screengrab

“I leave a bag there and we go to work on a margin and in a evening, when we come back, we find a bread and a change,” another chairman said.

And it’s not usually about a approach people buy bread in Eibenthal. Locals also honour any other’s skill and never set feet in any other’s yards though permission. They usually call for a owners during a gate, and they usually enter if invited in. If no one answers, they usually leave.


“There is no hidden in this village,” internal clergyman Vaclav Masek told Romanian journal Adevarul. we have several useful things in my garage, and it’s open all a time, though zero has ever been stolen. Eibenthal is a many courteous of all racial Czech villages. In a 13 years I’ve been clergyman here, we have never listened of any burglary holding place.”

“We all know any other here and we were lifted in such a approach that we know if we need something from somebody, to ask, not to steal,” Eibenthal mayor Victor Doscocil told Euronews. “For a impulse we are happy we don’t have bad behavior.”


Eibenthal and it finish miss of burglary reminds us of another singular encampment we wrote about a few years back. Shani Shingnapur is mostly called “India’s encampment with no doors” for a elementary fact that nothing of a buildings there have doors. Installing a doorway in this encampment is deliberate blasphemous, so people usually use curtains, though hidden is frequency ever reported.