A association in Shandong province, China, has come underneath glow for forcing 6 of a employees to yield by a streets on their hands and feet as punishment for not assembly sales targets.

The degrading way reportedly took place in a city of Zaozhuang on Jan 14 and was available by repelled passers-by. Six people can be seen crawling on all fours by trade behind a male carrying a red dwindle emblazoned with their company’s name. With no insurance other than their bureau clothes, a punished staff struggles to keep adult with a dwindle bearer, though somehow find a strength to keep going, substantially fueled by a fear of losing their jobs.

Fortunately for a tired employees, military eventually arrived on a scene, substantially alerted by repelled onlookers, and put an finish to their vicious punishment. Chinese media reported that a association obliged for a intolerable way had a operations temporarily dangling and is now underneath investigation.

The beauty products association has been widely criticized online after videos of a staff crawling by a streets of Zaozhuang went viral, though one of a managers claimed that they were merely perplexing to motivate poor-performing employees who unsuccessful to accommodate their year-end sales targets.


Chinese companies are scandalous for entrance adult with scarcely vicious punishments for under-performing employees. Last year, we wrote about a association in Zunyi, China, that forced employees to eat cockroaches for not reaching sales targets, and dual years progressing we reported on another association that forced staff to eat green gourd for a same reason.