Authorities are questioning a Shanghai grill for charging a Dubai traveller and his 7 friends a whopping 400,000 yuan ($58,000) for a 20-course dinner.

A print of a 400,000 yuan receipt from Maggie’s Restaurant started present on Chinese amicable media final month, and nonetheless a orator for a grill primarily claimed that a print was fake, adding that they don’t even offer some of a dishes listed on a receipt, a owners and master cook during a restaurant, Sun Zhaoguo, after reliable that Maggie’s did offer a ultra costly cooking to 8 guests, a VIP from Dubai and his friends. Asked about a sum listed on a receipt, Zhaoguo allegedly pronounced “That’s zero during all in Dubai”.

Restaurant staff had told reporters that a vast prices listed on a receipt are “impossible” and a Maggie’s doesn’t assign scarcely as many for any of a equipment on a menu. However, Sun Zhaoguo clarifies that this was privately-tailored for a VIP guests, regulating costly mixture sourced from all over a country. He also baked a 20 dishes personally, that also bumped adult a receipt significantly.

The many costly equipment on a receipt are the Crocodile Tail Soup ($2,449), Wild Yellow Croaker – ($2,303) and Half Abalone with Sake Jelly ($1,866), though there was also a surprisingly high Service Fee of $5,542. Here is a translated list of all a equipment listed on a receipt, according to Shanghaist:

Organic Pickles $5.54
Crispy Salty Chicken $14.29
Abalone with Braised Pepper $20.13
Snail Cooked in Sauce $17.21
Braised Pork with Soju $14.29
Fennel Roots $8.46
Asparagus $11.37
Cold Dish $9.92
Premium Caviar $729 x 8
Half Abalone with Sake Jelly $1,866 x 8
Yangtze River Crab $408 x 8
Duck with Olive $421
Salt-seared Miyazaki Steak $230 x 8
Shrimp Roe with Crispy Sea Cucumber $58 x 8
Crocodile Tail Soup $2,449
Wild Yellow Croaker $2,303 x 7.4
Fish Maw in Abalone Sauce $845 x 8
Boiled Giant Conch $230 x 8.6
Xiahehe $8.46 x 8
Zhonghua Cigarette $12.83
Chauffeur’s dish $80.21
Double Flavor Cake in Wine Sauce $5.54 x 8
Yunnan Dianhong Tea 82.84
Coke $2.63 x 8
Orange Juice $39
Service price $5,542

Photos of some of a 20 dishes prepared by Sun Zhaoguo were posted on Weibo by user @Snake_Kane, though after deleted.


Anonymous sources told The Beijing News that on Sep 19, on a same dusk that these abounding Dubai congregation allegedly had a 20-course cooking during Maggie’s, a organisation of “rich second generation” guest also consumed 480,000 yuan value of costly drinks. It’s misleading either a Dubai guest were indeed these puzzling abounding Chinese.

The Shanghai Changning District Market Supervision Bureau is now questioning this matter.