Three managers of a home alleviation organisation in Zunyi, China, were recently arrested for subjecting employees to impassioned punishment, including forcing them to eat cockroaches, for not assembly their sales goals.

The arrests came after an worker of a unnamed association took to amicable media to protest about a degrading punishments he and his colleagues were being subjected to by government for unwell to beef their goals. His post enclosed a video of a topless male station in a core of a room and being churned with a belt by his boss, while his workmates watched. Footage also shows people celebration cups of yellow glass that some have purported is urine. The video was later deleted, though screenshots started present online, and a military were told about a discouraging punishments.

“If a sales idea has not been met by a finish of this month, a group personality will have to eat 3 cockroaches for any unsuccessful sale,” one of a melancholy content messages sent by managers and published by internal newspaper Zunyi Yaowen read. Other content messages suggested several vicious punishments devised by a firm’s managers, including drinking vinegar or toilet water, offered condoms and spotless pads on a travel and carrying their conduct shaved.

While many amicable media users announced themselves repelled and frightened by these revelations, others simply asked because employees didn’t simply quit and looked for jobs elsewhere. However, a member of a company’s staff told Pear Video that many employees were due dual months’ pay, and government had already threatened to revoke their separation compensate if they dared quit.

According to a statement posted by Zunyi military on Weibo, dual of a managers have been jailed for 10 days, while a third manager will spend 5 days behind bars.

This isn’t a initial time that such vicious punishments done headlines in China. A few years ago, photos of staff during a Zhengzhou association forced to yield on their knees in open for unwell to strech their sales goals went viral online.