A California family recently told military about a bizarre male who had voiced his adore for their high-tech doorbell in an pithy manner, after confidence camera footage showed him beating a doorbell symbol for no judicious reason.

The Dungan family had usually returned to their Salinas home final Saturday morning when they motionless to check a confidence footage. They had been automatically told about surprising activity on a premises a night before, though they had been out of time. When they initial started removing notifications from a confidence system, David Dungan suspicion it was usually his stepson entrance home from work. One thing’s for sure, a family weren’t awaiting a bizarre male creation out with their doorbell button. And yet, that’s accurately what a footage showed.

The video posted on amicable media by Sylvia Dungan shows a male sneaking on their front porch early Saturday morning, beating a doorbell utterly thoroughly, fibbing down for a brief duration of time, hidden a prolongation chords from a home’s Christmas installations and even relieving himself in a front yard. According to a Salinas military report, a footage shows a man entering in and out of support several times between 2 a.m. and 5 a.m..

“He’s apparently being flattering perverted and uncanny about it,” Salinas Police Commander Matt Maldonado commented on a man’s bizarre doorbell licking.

“His behavior’s rather odd, beating around a intercom speaker,” Miguel Cabrera, Salinas Police open information officer agreed.

Police were means to brand a doorbell licker regulating a confidence footage, though when they held adult with him on Monday evening, he declined to plead allegations that he had been overly insinuate with someone else’s doorbell and stolen some prolongation chords.

The box has been sent to a Monterey County District Attorney’s Office, that will confirm either to record charges opposite a man, identified as 33-year-old Roberto Daniel Arroyo. Because he didn’t means a lot of damage, military are only seeking misconduct prowling, burglary and defilement of trial charges opposite him.

As for a homeowners, there’s not most they can do other afterwards entirely purify their doorbell. According to The Californian, they’ve already finished so, as good as spotless their porch and frosty a doorknobs.


2019 usually started, though we have a feeling this story is going to be a clever contender for weirdest news of a year.