An impracticable coiffeur has turn famous in Moscow for charity a opposite kind of hair soaking product. Instead of shampoo, clients can select to have their thatch cleared with champagne.

Vilen Knudaverdyan says he came adult withe surprising use after behaving it on a colleague, as a joke. The lady was withdrawal for another job, and during a farewell celebration they orderly for her during a hair salon they motionless to rinse her hair with champagne. She apparently desired it, so he motionless to offer it as a paid use for clients as well. Now his Moscow salon is famous for a champagne hair wash.

Photo: JordanStimpson/Pixabay

“The outcome is fantastic, people feel like they are vital a posh life,” Vilen pronounced in an talk with Caters News. “It is really renouned and some of a business even move their possess bottles of champagne to a shop.”


The routine is sincerely straightforward. Knudaverdyan initial runs comfortable H2O by a client’s hair, thereafter solemnly pours champagne over it, and massages their scalp. It’s misleading if he rinses a hair afterwards, yet he must, though, right? I’ve never cleared my hair with champagne before, yet I’m meditative it competence leave it sticky. But even rinsed, it contingency still smell of bubbly.