Mike Roman, a clergyman from New Jersey, recently got his 5 mins in a internet spotlight after entrance on a podcast to plead his surprising eating habits. The 41-year-old claims to have eaten pizza during slightest once a day for a final 37 years.

Roman’s longtime adore event with pizza began during age 3 or 4 (he doesn’t remember exactly), when his mom introduced him to a Italian plate for a initial time. He apparently desired it so most that he kept seeking for some-more each day until his relatives finally gave in and stopped perplexing to remonstrate him eat other dishes as well. He has been eating pizza during slightest once a day ever since, all by his childhood, teenage years and into adulthood. Mike has reportedly eaten pizza for all 3 dishes of his life, for many years, yet he recently started switching between pizza and peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. He still has pizza for cooking each day, though.

Photo: PublicDomainPictures/Pixabay

“I get it from opposite places, so it’s a good variety,” Roman told Tom La Vecchia, horde of a New Theory podcast. “It’s not a large deal. we know some people are unequivocally into excellent dining, or they’re called foodies or whatever, and they like things, yet cooking to me is zero unequivocally that special. You gotta eat given you’re hungry”

The 41-year-old clergyman certified to infrequently munching on toast or crackers for some dishes via his life, yet he also found himself returning to pizza. The mozzarella lonesome cake played a large partial in his dating life as well, as he would also tell his dates that a restaurants they were going to had to offer pizza.

“Look if we go anywhere it has to have pizza. It doesn’t have to be a pizza spot,” Roman explained on a podcast.

The New Jersey pizza conduct even enjoyed a pizza on his marriage day, a year ago, and he managed to keep a tradition going on his honeymoon in Aruba. While his cholesterol did go adult over a years, Mike Roman pronounced that it recently left down and his ubiquitous health has been fine, as have his bowel movements.

Speaking about his favorite pizzas, Roman told Tom La Vecchia that he prefers plain skinny membrane Margarita pizza.

I adore pizza, yet eating one each day for scarcely 40 years? we don’t consider we could do that for 4 weeks. Still, Mike Roman isn’t alone. Back in 2012, we wrote about a 33-year-old lady who claimed to have survived on pizza alone given she was usually 2, and 4 years ago we featured a man who had eaten zero yet pizza for 25 years.